1% of our total income goes to CSR activities for helping our nation.


Immuno life pvt. Ltd claims that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the management tool that any organization requires to succeed in a sustainable society while meeting its business goals. The company’s CSR projects are based on a belief that cultural knowledge and skills of the local community are essential to long-term development. A well-implemented CSR policy can provide a number of competitive advantages, including improved access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, and reduced operational costs.

From the inception, CSR is the key of Immune’s success.

We Accomplish this by:

  • Obtaining herbs from sustainable agriculture
  • Manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Choosing suppliers that meet the highest quality standards
  • Using eco – friendly waste management methods

Our Ayurvedic and herbal products are manufactured at the factory, which is situated in the Himalayan foothills. Our rigorous manufacturing ensures that we deliver a sophisticated product that is concerned about the environment. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our CO2 emissions, with a special focus on using sustainable plant inputs in our products.

Our Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Health Policies

  • We are dedicated to reducing the environmental effects of pharmaceutical formulations and dietary supplements manufacturing. We believe we will be able to build trust in the community and provide a safe working atmosphere for our employees.
  • Focus on reducing waste in all aspects and maintaining its safe disposal, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution, minimizing carbon emission rate, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and constructing facilities with minimum environmental impact.
  • Immuno life pvt. Ltd products are produced under GMP certified Facilities and conducted in accordance with the relevant quality laws, codes and standards.
  • To decrease the development of non-conforming goods and enhance compatibility with quality control
  • All employees are required to wear clean body coverings that are suitable for their employment
  • We will set objectives and government initiatives reports for the following areas of our operations to achieve our initiatives.
  • We take appropriate measures to protect individual as well as others’ health and safety.
  • In order to provide reliable products, we will make efforts to understand and meet our clients’ requirements along with regulatory standards.
  • We will ensure thorough compliance by our employees and public transparency of our policies by monitoring them.

This policy’s goal is to establish the company’s CSR vision, as well as its guiding principles, regulatory frameworks, strategy, and program me selection criteria.