Quality Management

Immuno life Pvt. Ltd is well-known for providing the highest quality Ayurvedic Animal Feed Supplements, Pet Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Supplements, Food supplements, Ayurvedic medicine, and anti-covid-19 products. Excellent quality products, In turn lead to faithful and satisfied customers who in turn brings ten new customers along with them. Our quality management team is highly trained and knowledgeable professionals who focus strongly on maintaining high standards at work. They embrace quality measures and regulatory compliance from the early stages of research and development to finished products distributed into the market.Team superintend all activities and tasks needed to maintain a desired level of excellence. In order to measure quality of supplements, precise standard measurements must be established. Also, they monitor the production process and warehousing by performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage. They also ensures high quality products and services by eradicating defects and incorporating continuous modifications and improvements in the development process. Team members always look for defects or variants in unprocessed materials and manufacturing process to ensure smooth and stable production The manufactured products of the best GMP-certified are formulated using the best quality of ingredients. Before being complete, the Process material is thoroughly tested for its medicinal value content regularly. Hence, we continue to stay committed in the service of “Animal Healthcare” by providing excellent quality Products and the services that are superior in nature.